Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Endings and beginnings

 All of the Lycan Blood books can now be purchased at smashwords and kindle.

Book 5: The Exile Returns.  Kindle  Smashwords

Book 6: Kady's Vengeance.  Kindle Smashwords

Book 7: The Shadowed Princes Kindle Smashwords

Susie Hawes Dragon Creed is out in kindle and smashwords.

When you're the only dragon in a country where magic is illegal, what's a dragon gonna do?  Fechum is an old dragon, lonely and crippled. Farquarte is his human apprentice. The society they live in is oppressive, over-regulating its citizens and suppressing its magical people. Farquarte decides the government needs an attitude change.
Join him and his beleaguered cohorts as they lock horns with the system. Viva La Revolucion!