Thursday, 11 November 2010

Blood Rites for a Buck!

Dark Brothers of the Light Books One and Two, Blood Rites and Blood Heresy are now up at Scribd for a dollar each until the revised and expanded versions come out.

Monday, 1 November 2010

New Science Fiction Audio Drama series: Edict Zero

This just in from long-time friend of Daverana and possessor of intimidating levels of talent and the fifth most macho name in the English-speaking world Jack Kincaid:



Contact: slipgate9{AT}

PHILADELPHIA, PA, OCTOBER, 9 2010 – Edict Zero - FIS (, the new monthly science fiction audio drama series produced by Slipgate Nine Entertainment, launched on September 9, 2010, with its first two hour-long episodes, "2415 (Part 1)" and "2415 (Part 2)". Its third episode, "Dead Canaries", released on October 1, 2010, and the next episode "Beautiful Lies" is slated for release on November 1.

'Edict Zero - FIS' is the debut production of Slipgate Nine Entertainment, a not-for-profit production endeavor dedicated to the release of free speculative media under Creative Commons Licenses. Releasing one hour-long episode per month, this daring new series could be said to be a mix of futuristic science fiction, suspense/mystery, law enforcement procedural, and dark fantasy. The story surrounds agents of the "Federal Investigative Services" (quasi-25th century FBI) on a New Earth setting. It is a strict modern audio drama (sans narration) with a rich soundscape of professional technical quality. This is an orchestration of talented voice actors, extensively employed sound effects, and meticulous scoring to create the movie-in-the-mind experience in the audio drama form like never before.

Only at the foot of its first season, the series touts an amazing powerhouse of talent. Among those involved :

Jack Kincaid ( is not only the series creator and executive producer of the series, but plays a multitude of roles, including Assistant Director Dockstader and the unforgettable "Captain Socrates". He is a wildly diverse voice artist with a character-actor theatrical background, a musician, and a sound designer, among many other things. With a deep bank of novels under his belt, he is an experienced novelist of speculative fiction, who has chosen the audio drama form to redirect his creative energies and find an audience on his own terms. He is also a published author of short stories which have appeared in such venues as Insidious Reflections, Surreal Magazine, and the paperback anthology 'Exit Laughing' from Hellbound books. His voice and music have appeared in various podcasts (including io9's Geek's Guide to the Galaxy), audio drama shows (such as 19 Nocturne Boulevard), and other places (such as the book trailers for the anthologies "Seeds of Change" and "Wastelands : Stories of the Apocalypse"). He is also known for the horror podcast "audiobook drama", Hoad's Grim (2008-2009), and also as a pioneer of machinima with his early alter-ego work: 'The Seal of Nehahra' (2000). In addition to his pursuits with Slipgate Nine Entertainment, he also handles podcast mastering for the major science fiction publication: Lightspeed Magazine.

James Keller ( is a co-founder of Slipgate Nine Entertainment, a producer of Edict Zero - FIS, and also plays a main role of Special Agent Nick Garrett. He is a professional voice actor who has starred in dozens of animated series and feature films, mostly in cartoons. He directs for TV, Film, and other audio projects.

Julie Hoverson ( plays a main role of Special Agent Jewels Kircher, and is an associate producer to the show. She is the writer and producer of the wildly popular and award winning audio drama anthology, 19 Nocturne Boulevard. She is also an actress whose voice can be found throughout productions of the audio drama community and a screenwriter, who has had a script optioned for a feature film.

Phil Rossi ( plays a main role of Special Agent Marcus Briggs. He is a professional singer-songwriter, and is also known as one of the major podcast authors on the scene, known for his popular novel, "Crescent" and other works such as "Eden" and "Harvey".

Other cast and crew include Tanja Milojevic (Producer of Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind) who plays Special Agent Kora Reznik and other roles, Russell Gold (actor in various audio dramas, and on stage), Glen Hallstrom, and the list of those involved from the podcast and audio drama community grows with each episode!

An episode of Edict Zero - FIS will be released the first of every month through its website in partnership with The Internet Archive, and the features on the site will multiply as time goes on.

One existing feature is the Series Extras page which includes bonus tracks and also musical tracks from the series, including all the Edict Zero - FIS theme tunes, which are remixes of Creative Commons Licensed music of Nine Inch Nails. More will be added as time goes on!

The story summary on the website is as follows:

EDICT ZERO was its original name, a codename assigned to a destination planet and the mission to reach it. New Earth, like Old Earth, is a planet of mostly water, but with even less land. It is a small world of five islands, each island a state in The Federation : the democratic entity otherwise known as 'Edict Two' which governs the bulk of humanity.

Under the broad authority of its Attorney General, the civilian law enforcement utility Edict Three is a cluster of collaborating agencies such as the FIS – an initialism for Federal Investigative Services. Like other agencies in Edict Three, the structure of the FIS is an amalgam of the Old Earth law enforcement agency models deemed most effective by historians and E-2's founding fathers.

In response to the cataclysmic events on New Year's Day of the year 2415, the FIS assembled a task force at their headquarters in Capitol City to find the responsible party, eliminate the danger posed to the public, and deliver justice for the victims.

In acknowledgement of the severity of the threat and the accordingly devastating consequences which could arise from the slightest oversight, Assistant Director Alan Dockstader authorized a special unit of the task force to pursue unusual leads and the alternate outside-the-box theories those leads may support.

"Edict Zero - FIS" focuses on this small team of special agents and their investigations, which will put them at odds with the highest authority of humankind:

Edict One.

SHOW CREDIT SUMMARY (as of 10-9-2010):


PRODUCERS: James Keller. Jane Eastman.

ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Julie Hoverson. C. Edward Reed. Thomas Gland.

STARRING: James Keller, Julie Hoverson, Phil Rossi, Russell Gold, Tanja Milojevic, Jack Kincaid, Glen Hallstrom, Mike Campbell, Danar Hoverson, Kim Poole.


Jack Kincaid