Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Yo-yo Knickers Plagiarist Caught with his Knickers Down

Monday, October 18th, saw some of the upper echelons in genre fiction weigh in against plagiarist David Boyers (aka Iron Dave, David Byron, Leo Wolfe among a scant few of his numerous alternate personae).

Among the the excellent articles alerting the public about his misdeeds has been the HWA Newsletter and Victoria Strauss at Writer Beware.

As Ms. Strauss notes, plagiarism of this nature is rare.  Therefore, it is often a shock when someone commits plagiarism, much less becomes a serial plagiarist to this degree.  Mr. Boyer used the stolen stories and in some cases the stolen names (he attached the names of better known authors to his own fiction as collaborators and sometimes as sole authors) to create a level of credibility which then enabled him to approach many people for interviews connected to his book Cinemassacres.

The layers of deceit will probably require months and months of careful research to completely reveal the full depth of Mr. Boyer's misdeeds.  For the time being, the investigation continues.

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